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Online ordering system to
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Online ordering built
just for your restaurant.
Responsive Design

Accessible as Possible on all Devices.

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Primary Component of the Solution You will get 6 Mobile apps over iOS/Android, 3 level Web based admin panel including website for restaurant services and dynamic menu.

Customer Management App

iOS app for Customers.

Android app for Customers.

Restaurant Management App

iOS app for Restaurant.

Delivery Management App

iOS app for Delivery Management.

Android app for Delivery Management.

Web based Admin Panel

Super Admin-To create Brands/Restaurants.

Brand/Restaurant level Admin Panel.

Brand/Restaurant Manager

Our Integrations We keep adding new Integrations for our Ordering solutions.

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How this Online Food Ordering Delivery System will work

It allows customers to place orders directly from iPhone and Android apps and Website rather than routing them to a third party site that lists you among competitors (and takes a commission on all of your orders)
Customer App
  • Locate near by restaurants, bars, pubs, fast-food joints or hotels from current location.
  • Customer will place an order using an app (iOS, Android) or website.
  • Customers can view the Menu, Near by restaurant and Restaurant open/close time in two options :
    - Signup
    - Add item in cart without signing up, will not register, and the customer will choose the dish from menu but for placing an order and to view items added in cart, customer must logged in the app.
  • Select open time of restaurant before placing an order. Choose items and option to add promo code and Tip.
  • Customer can view full restaurant’s menu with price details.
  • Select delivery mode:
    Delivery - It will ask for address details before placing an order.
    Pick up - It will not ask for address and you will get notification about the order pickup time etc.
  • Notifications: Customer get notifications about acceptance of order, order progress, total time of completion etc.

Restaurant App

Manage the incoming order from your Restaurant app, You will receives notification each time a order comes through.
  • Restaurants then can accept orders and set total preparation time, can adjust price, review, set ETA etc.
  • Five states:
  • 1. New State: Receive order from customer.
  • 2 options: Accept order and set estimated time of preparation.
  • 3. Adjust: If any extra charges includes and it will automatically notified to the customer.
  • 4. Ready: After completing the order, click on Completed.
  • 5. Out for delivery
  • According to your customer’s specifications, finish the order, Check delivery mode - maybe he choose delivery food to their door, or maybe he will pick from your place.
  • Restaurant can only send request to driver associated with them. Restaurant can select driver manually also.

Hire Me delivery/Driver App

To have a delivery request, Driver must be associated with the restaurant.
  • Driver receives a notification about the delivery of order.
  • Driver will pick order from restaurant and deliver.

Multilevel Admin Panel

3 level admin panel to manage all activities
  • Super Admin - Will create Brands/Restaurants.
  • Brand/Restaurant Admin - Create multiple location for his own Brand/Restaurant.
  • Brand/Restaurant Manager - For managing all the details of a Brand/Restaurant including Menus, website content, delivery hours, COD options, Taxes etc

Why Choose Us? Here’s the best part of our impressive services

SAAS product

It is designed in such a way that you can use the same product as SAAS. Get FULL Branding on iOS/Android Apps.

Multi brand

Multiple brands have multiple restaurants at different locations

Commissions management

Manage Commissions, tips, discounts on your own.

Food delivery

System designed to use your own delivery boys and local taxi drivers.

Online ordering built just for your restaurant.
Your brand. Your customers

Your online ordering system.

Grow Your Business
Masaladish is a reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering solutions for multi-location restaurants. Available Over iOS/Android Tablet, Mobile Phones. Easy-to-customize and fully Featured Design.

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Core Features

Easy-to-customize and fully featured design

Get bookings from customers on the go - fully optimised for use on mobile phones

  • Live order tracker for your customers
  • Fully flexible menu structure
  • Full control of deals and promotions
  • Apply variable delivery fees
  • Set working hours for each day
  • Accept cash, cards, or Paypal
  • Update order status and ETA
  • Manage each order on a tablet
  • Instant changes to menu by yourself
  • Send notifications/Alerts to your customers

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What you Get with Masaladish

Google Maps Integration

Menu and Price Configuration according to your Restaurant

Order Customization

Fully Responsive

Online Coupons & Promotions Handling

Delivery/Service Charge Handling

Works 24 X 7 seamlessly


About Masaladish

Masaladish is a reliable, fast, and secure digital ordering solutions for multi-location restaurants. Seamlessly synced with your operations, systems, and brand. Offer a restaurant app to take orders from your loyal customers.

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